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company news about Cosmetic Packaging "Replacement" Difficulties

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Company News
Cosmetic Packaging "Replacement" Difficulties
Latest company news about Cosmetic Packaging "Replacement" Difficulties

Cosmetic packaging "replacement"

It's been an up-and-coming cosmetics brand lately

Most willing to invest and focus on the direction,

What is the reason?


First, in recent years, environmentally friendly lifestyle

The rise of cosmetics environmental pollution and

The concept of sustainability is of great concern to consumers,

There is a considerable volume of consumers who are green

Consumers show clear preferences,

More than 90% of consumers said they would be reduced plastic,

Carbon reduction data moved, willing to buy

Or re-purchase "replacement" products.

96% of those consumers will do it because

"Replacement" increases brand goodwill


Second, the eco-beauty trend was in full swing,

Business is about following the trend,

If you can do more with less, so much the better.

In addition to core ingredients and science and technology,

So is the concept of sustainable development

Important trends in the cosmetics industry in recent years.


latest company news about Cosmetic Packaging "Replacement" Difficulties  0


In relatively no component research and development

With all the investment in science and technology,

Some upstart cosmetics brands are keenly aware

Environmental protection is a great entry point for marketing,

By working on environmental sustainability,

Emphasize that products are friendly to people and the environment to highlight

The brand's efforts to advance sustainable education,

In order to complete the environmental issues under

Unique cultural construction.


Although "sustainable" is the trend in the cosmetics industry,

But can "replacement" be equated with environmental protection,

It is still a question in the minds of many consumers.

Some worry that many of these brands are taking advantage of this

Wind direction, under the banner of environmental protection "sustainable"

To market themselves, and thus to cut off consumers' leeks,

Instead of actually taking action to protect the environment.


After all, true environmental behavior is also

There are two major tests that need to be faced.

The two most critical and difficult steps are


At present, the application of cosmetics "replacement" is low

And the application cost is high, the profit is low operating problems.


On the brand side,

The cost of education and mold opening for "replacement assembly",

Causes the "replacement outfit" to be positioned with the formal outfit

There isn't much of a price difference,

And have environmental awareness, environmental awareness,

And really willing to pay the cost of consumers

Is still a minority, which leads to cosmetic "replacement"

The development of insufficient power, one of its dilemmas.


From the consumer side, if not in the price

Have a big difference with formal clothing,

It's hard for consumers to be tempted,

This leads consumers to buy "replacement" as well

And the idea of buying a formal suit, since the price difference is not much,

Go back to save trouble, "replacement" no high

Repurchase rate, the so-called "environmental protection" is difficult to develop

Down, the second dilemma.


After all, most brands are "environmentally friendly"

And push the packaging material "replacement" is to

Catering to green consumption trends,

It's all about selling.


However, any brand exploration and innovation,

The most important dividing line between large-scale production and

Sales, environmental "replacement" is no exception,

Only by getting more brand customers,

Sustainable "replacement" cosmetics brand

To get higher sales revenue,

Can also be in higher production and sales

On the basis of reducing unit costs,

By then, cosmetic packaging materials "replacement"

The dilemma might not exist

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